How often should One Drain Inflatable Spas?

How often should One Drain Inflatable Spas?

While searching for the most accurate information on how often one should switch the waters in the inflatable spa to remain safe, I came across some divergent options. For instance, some users and writers recommend 3 months intervals, others recommended 6 months intervals. But I was actually looking for something proven, consistent, and definite that has a proven background by research. In my search, I discovered some of the crucial factors that determine the draining.

How often should One Drain Inflatable Spas?

In other words, how do you determine when it is time to drain your bathtub and replace the water? What are the steps you must have taken, and which approach would be the best? What do you look out for in the spa to be convinced that the solution is to drain out the water and replace it? Instead of having a static duration of changing the water every 3 or 6 months, is it not better to fully understand the condition of the water and determine if it is worth changing? visit to learn more about how to use spas.

Professionals in the hot tub business also worry about those who promise to give you some magical elixir that will only require you to change the water in one year. That is alarming information. And amid these cases flying around, you need to start getting rid of a pool of chemicals, body oils, biofilm, dirt, and bacteria-ridden water. Also, you may take 3 months interval to be your ideal, but then it depends on the frequency of your usage amidst other factors.

Let us look at the factors determining the actual interval of time you need to change the waters. 

Frequent Addition of Scents and Oils to the Spa

If you are a frequent user of scents and oils while taking a bath inside an inflatable spa, you should understand how that affects the water. The presence of some of these materials, significantly if organic, can speed up the rate at which you need to drain the water and refill. In fact, you may not have to wait for the 3-month standard rotation, depending on how often you use the spa. 

Already, washing off your body into the water adds some measure of oils from your skin. Then introducing oils and scents into the water increases their concentration. And in the case where you use your hot tub frequently, you may choose the specific time you will be using these products and not use them all the time. 

How many People Use the Spa?

So, it is a valid question to ask, how many people are using or will be using your inflatable spa? Are you a private user, or you plan to operate a hot tub party? If you tilt more towards the latter option, you can first institute a ‘shower first’ rule. The rule mandates that everyone who intends to enter the inflatable spa must first take a shower before doing so. The reason is that the more people that come into the hot tub, the more effect it has on the water chemistry. 

It is not also harmful to keep the use of your inflatable spa to yourself and your immediate family. But how long will that last if you live in a friendly environment with neighbors? You may not want to restrict neighbors from sharing in the fun in your backyard or garden. Therefore, the number of people using the spa or simply the bather load is an essential factor to determine how frequent or when you change the water in the hot tubs. 

Your inflatable spa filters

The next question is, what is the state of your water filters? Changing your water filters is one of the significant maintenance tasks of inflatable spas because the filters require more frequent changing than conventional spas. For instance, if you have a concrete hot tub, which is a more permanent structure, then you can have a separate filtration system and design for your pool. But inflatable spas only use a series of paper filters for cleaning the water inside the hot tub.

Again, unlike the swimming pool that can handle the bather load for a reasonable amount of time, a spa is smaller and can hardly cope. Also, being in a hot tub, you are definitely sweating when you are inside it. The body sweat also adds to the amount of oil and dirt in the tub on average. 

Eventually, these oils can aggregate as scum and foam. They warrant that you change your filters as often as possible to avoid blockage. Therefore, consider a weekly replacement of your filters with a clean one that has been freshly degreased. Also, for a referenced 30-day cycle, you can only apply that to a spa that is not often used. 

Chemical management of Inflatable Spas

Another important part will be the chemical balance of the water in the inflatable spas. You can quickly look at the water in the spa and assume it is clear, free of germs, and perfect for use. But the truth is, even if it doesn’t look different on sight, many things must have happened to it in the space of time since you last changed it. Then, a scientific way to determine the condition of the water is to do a chemical test to be sure of the chemical composition and fitness for use. 

Some of the critical properties include the pH, which measures the degree of alkalinity and acidity and the sanitization level. For instance, if you open up your spa and discover the water appears brown or greenish and murky, then you don’t have to wait for time anymore. You need to change the water instantly. Some of the responsible factors for such conditions may include overcorrection of chemicals, poor water chemistry, and the addition of unwanted substances. 

How do you actually drain inflatable spas?

When you finally decide to drain your inflatable spa, the first step is to do a pipe flush of the old water inside it. This process does not depend on the size, model, type, or brand. Regular pipe flushing removes the possibility of hidden biofilm that may be growing unknowingly inside your plumbing works. Clearly, many of the bacteria that cause infections through the spa hide in the biofilm, and pipe flushing are the way out. Hopefully, you can deal with all the strange matters once and for all and have a full fun-filled time in the inflatable spas.